The Summer Season has come!

Since very old times, in the East as in the West health practitioners believed that seasons had a kind of influence on the character of a person who, being an integral part of Nature, followed its cycles and changes.

In medical tradition the Summer Season corresponds to the Fire element. Fire purifies, brings changes, in the human body it is associated with the heart , giving willpower and creativity. Therefore, it could easily be understood why it is so important to keep the Fire element in balance during the Summer season, both from a physical point of view – the heart controls blood circulation which in turn helps assimilation by the intestine – and from an emotional point of view, because a Fire element imbalance causes depression or over-happiness which can produce agitation, nervous breakdown and insomnia, among others.

As Summer is governed by the Fire element, favouring water is of utmost importance. In fact, water is the element that, by “quenching fire”, will give relief during the sultry weather. For instance, it would be good to have a walk along a water course, and sports to be favoured could be swimming, surf and sail. Even stopping and sitting on the beach or along a water course would suffice, by simply “staring at the water”.

Wishing a Happy Summer!



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