What is the mission of a Naturopath?

The mission of a Naturopath is to give advice on the right lifestyle to follow in order to re-establish or maintaining one’s natural body-mind balance. In consideration of the uniqueness of our being, each one of us would need to adopt a lifestyle that will respect one’s own individual physical constitution.

The word Naturopathy comes from Nature Path, which implies that a naturopath is not a physician, because he does not diagnose and/or prescribe any drugs to his clients, but he avails himself of the knowledge he has acquired on complementary medicine, to give advice on natural remedies and techniques that would improve his clients’ quality of life. As an example, he may give advice on performing a relaxing technique or on making use of some Bach Flower Remedies that would suit his client’s condition at the time of consultation.

One may say that Naturopathy has much in common with Ayurveda in India and Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially as to the concept of the “uniqueness” of the person, as well as the existence of a “vital force” inside one’s body (called qi in Chinese philosophy and prana in Indian philosophy) which would allow the body to cure itself, and therefore has to be kept under control in order to prevent diseases.

This would be achieved by following some rules like: eating the right food, performing the right exercises, managing stress by also making use of natural remedies, and the daily time dedicated to taking care of oneself, performing leisure activities and paying attention to one’s inner self/spirituality.



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