A simple relaxation exercise for the Summer

Even if you are not on vacation, you can try to relax once a day for about ten minutes, by closing your eyes and visualising a place where there is water: a pond, a lake, a river, the sea or the ocean… It doesn’t necessarily have to be a place you already know.


Stay in a comfortable position – you can either lie down or be seated – and visualise the water, by keeping your eyes shut, and then try to concentrate, to “walk in” that landscape, to listen to the water’s sound when breaking against the shore….

If you want, you may even visualise yourself staring at the horizon from the shore, or the mountains surrounding the water…..

…..until you don’t feel like being part of that landscape, of that Nature: you can feel its scents, its sounds, the wind blowing……

……carefully visualise the colours of the place you are in, by relaxing yourself completely…

…..and breathe slowly in, listening to the rythm of your own breath…. make long and deep breaths….

…..and then breathe out, letting yourself go more and more to the harmony that surrounds you….

Then slowly come back in contact with yourself, with the place you are in, and at the end open your eyes.



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