The main role of a Naturopath: Preventing diseases and re-establishing psycho-physical balance by properly understanding emotions and personalities

A naturopath’s rule is to work especially on the individual’s etheric and emotional bodies. Properly understanding the client’s personality type is therefore of utmost importance, as well as understanding the emotions usually felt by the individual and the ones that he is actually feeling at the time of consultation.

On the Italian Encyclopaedia “Treccani”, the word Emotion is defined as follows: “Emotion should be understood as the reaction opposed by the organism to the perception or the representation (mostly mnemonic) of stimuli able to modify that same organism, either by its physical or psychical integration or disintegration”. Well then, being able to properly interpret the quality of those emotions that are agitating within the individual may therefore prevent, with the help of a suitable therapy, a “disintegration” within the organism, that is a lesion that can be either physical or psychical.

This is however the role of a naturopath, that is, re-establishing balance within the organism – balance among physical, etheric and astral bodies – before a lesional disease would manifest itself. In order to accomplish this, a naturopath makes use of many branches of learning that are now part of the so-called “complementary” medicine and “alternative” medicine, as well as different medical traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, which were considering the proper understanding of emotions and personalities as a first step toward the deep understanding of the individual’s dis-ease.



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