Nourish Your Soul

In the same way as we feel the need to take care of our Body – by means of massage and/or self-massage, aromatherapy, ablutions, mud-baths, etc. -, we should also take care to nourish our Soul.

Each one of us has one’s own way to relate to one’s Spirituality: some by reading, others by practicing meditation, or even by listening to music, going to the theatre, or by praying….. It is not important the way we relate. But as sentient beings we should feel the need and the duty to stay in touch with ourselves, to listen to those hidden emotions within ourselves that everyday life does not allow us to express the way we should.

Hence, the importance of devoting some minutes each day to listen to our inner selves with the greatest attention, in order to try and understand who we really are and where we intend to go to, by relaxing completely and freeing our mind from those thoughts that keep us worried.

Every now and then we really need to “reset ourselves”, perhaps by thinking over a verse written by the mystic poet Rumi (ca. 1200-1273): “The Mind started telling its stories, but the Soul said: ‘Now I have no time to listen to you’.”



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