Carl Rogers’ Counselling and Edward Bach’s Prescribing Method

Counselling is a technique that promotes wellbeing and prevents dis-ease. It was conceived in the 1950’s by American psychotherapist Carl Rogers (1902-1987). Set within humanistic psychology, it highlights the importance of personal evolution, and therefore individuality, and this was just the essence of Dr Edward Bach’s philosophy, the foundation of his therapeutical approach. It was even assumed that Carl Rogers could have been inspired by Edward Bach (who, it is remembered, was born in 1886 and died in 1936), and therefore that Dr. Bach could in a certain way be considered the forerunner of a psychology testing method.

One can surely state that Rogers and Bach had something in common, that is their interest in oriental cultures and philosophies – which probably grew in Rogers after his trip to the eastern countries when he was young, and in Bach after his possible meeting with Krishnamurti. This interest might have brought them both towards a similar way of thinking and approach to life. Nevertheless, common to both Rogers and Bach was the conviction that within the individual there is a positive force that drives him towards evolution and therefore the individual owns within himself those resources needed in order to make him become a better person.

However it is, there are for sure some similarities between Edward Bach’s prescribing method and Carl Rogers’ counselling. In his piece of work “On becoming a person” Carl Rogers has described counselling as a relationship between two persons where the goal of at least one of the two is to promote in the other growth, development, maturity and the attainment of actions that are more suitable and integrated to the other. Moreover, Rogers’ “client-centered-therapy” is similar to Bach’s philosophy in that it highlights respect of each one’s individuality in the conviction that each one is different.



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