About Love and Compassion

We all seek Love and Understanding.

But, what does Love towards another being exactly mean?

montagna%203It means being one with the other, feeling like one only enegy flow. Like a river flowing into the ocean without asking itself where it goes and why…. It means being open to the Unknown.

A loving person should be understanding and unconditionally loving. Why? Because we are humans, therefore we mentally need to understand the other, but spiritually we love that person for what he/she is, and not for what we want him/her to be.

As Love and Compassion are within us, we need to nurture them. How? By walking in the park and breathing the air and listening to the twittering birds, or on the shore, watching the sea waves and hearing their sound.

Every day it happens that my heart connects to another heart by giving out my compassion…. for example, when I listen to the world news, or when I am told of stories that make me want to be near the persons who are suffering…..

It happened last week, while I was listening to the story of a mother who had her son killed and still can’t have peace, because justice was not given to her yet. Or, when I was thinking of my colleague who has problems in being alone and is of course suffering because of this. Or, when I think of all the people in Europe who are losing their jobs, or have already lost their jobs and have lost hope too. Or when I think of the people of Syria who are suffering since years now because of the war, and the children that are killed there – and in other parts of the world – for no reason……

Letting Love flow without restriction feels like I am nearer those I am giving love to. What a beautiful experience it is to give out one’s love unconditionally!






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