About Creativity

Creativity – or the freedom to express ourselves – appears whenever we need it, even if we don’t look for it. It is our ultimate resource, what we sometimes need in order to “resurrect” to a new life, to a new being.

What do we feel deep inside of us that can’t be hidden when we are free to express ourselves? The answer is: JOY!

Joy surely creates a noticeable influence on those around us, although sometimes we are not aware of it.

How can we express our joy? By singing, dancing, laughing, being more sociable, walking in the midst of Nature, in the company of birds, plants, and other creatures……

And why do we feel happy when we dance/sing or laugh, walk? I think that’s because when our body feels free in its movements, our mind is not contaminated by our thoughts…….

We may find out that with the unspoken expression of our actions, we are able to convey Cheerfulness! An example is when we hug our loved ones, thus transferring our joy and love to them……

Therefore, let’s all tap into the Joy which is always dwelling inside of us… Let’s rejoice and smile! This is how we should always feel and be, because this is our True Essence.





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