A small thought on…. Meditation and Awareness

Meditation can help us come into touch with some of our inborn enlightened qualities like Unconditional Love, Faith, Strength to endure hardships, Peace of Mind and Forgiveness….

When we get to have – through meditation – a glimpse of our True Being, we feel a deep Peace of Mind. We become more aware of the twittering birds around us, as well as of the smell of the flowers that we cannot see because they are not near us…. all our senses seem to be awakened, and the Nature around us speaks a language we are able to understand – and yet we have never learned… a language of true Happiness, of Gratitude for the blessings all around us, a language of True Love.

Unfortunately, many times life brings us apart from our natural unity with the Universal Consciousness. Trying to always be present in the moment and remembering that we are not alone, is a way to tap into this Universal Awareness. How lovely it is to go walking in the park… seeing the green and listening to the twittering birds… or how lovely it is to walk along the seashore, only listening to the sound of Nature…. Let us be grateful for the Beauty of Nature that surrounds us: the plants, the animals, the flowers….

Peace of Mind, Joy and Feeling satisfied of what we have all give us a glimpse of Enlightenment or Fulfillment in life. Everyday life makes us forget who we truly are. Always remember that we are also Light and Pure Awareness. We need to experience this joy and peace through our True Selves, just like we need to breathe….. Being the Light we are is all that matters, because this is our unique Self.




Emotions and Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Bach’s keyword was “simplicity”. He believed that all in Nature is simple and is capable of satisfying our needs – food, water, air, heat. Therefore, Nature itself is capable of providing us the means for our well being.

Bach thus wanted to create a “simple” system, which would use Nature’s own products, and could be at everybody’s disposal. In fact, according to him, Remedies should be taken in the same way as one takes a lettuce leaf in order to satisfy his hunger.

As a matter of fact, Dr Bach chose the Remedies with the intention of reducing the undesirable effects of stress, as they are capable of acting directly on one’s mind – and therefore on one’s emotions – by boosting the immunity system. One could thus state that Bach Flower Remedies are capable of changing distress into eustress. This means that singling out those true emotions that produce stress in an individual is of extreme importance in order to choose the right Remedies, and therefore to heal or prevent disease.

Within Bach’s System, emotional problems can be either “transitory” or “long term”. The former are emotional states that last for a relatively short period of time, whereas the latter are emotional states that are there since a long time – even since years – and no solution has ever been really found (perhaps because one has adapted to circumstances). These negative emotions have, with time, modified one’s personality by accumulating in what is called ” the snowball effect”.

We can ourselves choose the remedies for transitory emotional states by passing into a state that psychologists call metaemotion, that is by trying to face our emotional states, in order to singling them out clearly. But, as said before, when these emotional states have been ignored for a long time, then “layers” of negative emotions are formed which have to be recognised and “discovered” one by one. This process has been associated to the opening up – layer by layer – of an onion: each layer of the onion corresponds to a negative emotion we have to free ourselves of before reaching its core. What can we expect to find in the core of the onion? Sometime, we might discover our “type Remedy”, showing us the main quality of our personality we should work on. Some other time, it could be a traumatic event which was not rightly resolved at the time when it happened. Or else, it could be a small emotion that has overgrown. The only way to know it is to start lifting up the layers of our onion one by one. The way to do it is the following:

  1. choose the remedies needed at the time, for how we feel “now”
  2. take them regularly until we feel they are not working any more
  3. choose the remedies again
  4. stop when the need is felt

This way, the remedies give us the opportunity to learn something about ourselves. It is an enriching process, which teaches us how we are predisposed to respond to stress. If used in the proper way, remedies can give us insights about who we really are. Anyway, it should be pointed out that should we take remedies we don’t need, they would not interfere with the appropriate ones, becoming passive.

Sometimes it is difficult to “understand oneself”, especially if one is not used to listen to the body’s – and therefore the mind’s – messages, therefore the help of a practitioner is needed, someone who may understand our true emotional states in order to choose the right remedies.

Remembering Edward Bach

Edward Bach’s personality, as it is revealed through the few writings he left us, is characterised by a great “simplicity”, which has been a peculiarity throughout his whole life.

We could describe Dr. Bach as a man in search of harmony, both within himself and in the outer world. He believed harmony and beauty were one, therefore, how could he not notice the beauties of Creation, of Nature, with its plants…. and its flowers?

And for sure he was also a lover of perfection, like the one he was noticing in Nature’s simplicity…. that is, he used to love perfection, of course, but he would never forget his own limits, his being a man, earthly, and therefore imperfect.

He himself was convinced that Nature is God’s creation and, humble as he was, he either could not nor he would not ever even think of creating something as perfect as His Creation. But he loved to observe Nature, as well as he used to enjoy being part of that… Divine Nature.

His spirituality was so intense that he was convinced that Creation of all things could never exist without Spirit or “Soul”, as he loved to call it. And therefore, so simply, in his life Spirituality and Materiality were following one another, beating the time of his existence.

It is in this balance between Matter and Spirit that lies the true essence of Bach’s thought, as well as the direction taken by his medical researches. Matter and Spirit are in fact two aspects of our human nature, linked by another element, that is Mind. When body, Mind and Spirit are in harmony, then we can truly state to be part of the beauties of Creation, to be able to observe and love this world, enjoying being part of it. Therefore the importance of our Mind.

Another feature of Bach’s personality – which has conditioned his life both as a man and as a physician – was compassion for all human beings. Compassion was part of the spiritual aspect of Bach as a man, and it has been an important feature, that made him not only pursue his researches without caring about the opinions of the medical milieu of the time, but also take care night and day of those suffering “souls” who needed help, whom he wanted to heal not only in body but also in mind. It is narrated that Bach understood and “felt” this truth for the first time when he was a young boy and observed that those who were working in his father’s foundry and who were suffering of some physical illness were also disturbed in their mind because of worries of a material nature, or only because they were unsatisfied by their work. Later on, when he was a physician, Bach went on noticing how important it was for his patients to live without anxieties and worries, in order to be in harmony with themselves and therefore enjoy good health.

In a healthy body, mind had therefore to find a balance with Emotions and Spirit, that are cherished therein. This was the meaning of harmony and beauty for Bach. But as true harmony and true beauty could be found only in Nature, it was in Nature that the method had to be searched for, which could help regain them when lost.

Astrology and Natural Healing: The Moon and the Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach was a physician, he never wrote on astrology. Anyway, for what we know about his life and his philosophy of life, it is likely that he was not only sensitive to all that pertains to Creation – and therefore to Nature and plants, the Moon and all the planets – but that he was also interested to all those theories that would highlight the intangible inner world that pertains to all of us, and that could influence us in a way or another.

However, what Dr. Edward Bach was especially interested in – and what brought him to his healing system – was the ability of each one of us to be aware of one’s own inner world and therefore to understand one’s own spiritual growth, or life project. As a matter of fact, Dr. Bach used to insist on the uniqueness of the individual who – because of his uniqueness – must cultivate his individuality, if he is really willing to understand himself and therefore live a happier life, by preventing disease. As a matter of fact, the body-mind-spirit connection is the cornerstone of Dr. Bach’s medical system.

Emotions and Disease

In astrology, the Moon represents the emotional world of each one of us, the emotional way we respond to outside influences. It represents the most intimate part of ourselves, our subconscious, which we most willingly hide because of fear of not being accepted by others. Or, on the contrary, our emotions overwhelm us to such a point as to make us feel vulnerable and easily wounded. In both cases, Dr. Bach would say that there is no awareness, and that by going on not being aware of our emotions, we are meant to be easily preys of disease.

“….behind all diseases lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes”, Bach wrote on his booklet “Heal Thyself”, in which he had expressed his mind.

According to Bach, disease was the result of a conflict “between Soul and Personality”. And, as the Soul is the most intimate part of ourselves, if our Personality enters into conflict with our Soul it is because we don’t know the latter good enough, or because we don’t totally accept it, we oppose to it, without realising that instead it’s our Soul’s wishes that we need to follow, if we are willing to live a happy and healthy life simply by being ourselves.

Awareness and growth

The Moon in astrology tells us where our inner path begins, it enlightens us on the path to follow, by making us aware of our emotions and of the unconscious mechanism related to them.

In a simirar way, in every Bach Flower one can see a “moon-like” unconscious peculiarity that can be resolved through the awareness of the emotion related to it. In that sense, the Bach Flower Remedies not only are capable of teaching us who we really are, but they also teach us how to live a life which may reflect our most intimate and hidden nature.

I believe two are the Bach Flower Remedies that better mirror the characteristics of the Moon: Clematis, because of the dreaming nature of the Moon, which is unearthly, and therefore unrealistic; and Chicory, because of its immaturity in love, as unconsciously possessive.

But among the 38 Bach Flower Remedies, it is also possible to consider one only that would better correspond to those characteristics of the zodiacal sign or the horoscopic house where our personal Moon is located, and that could improve those “negative” – or “excessive” – traits that are part of it, by making us more aware of our faults and helping to focus on our Soul’s positive traits.

Moon in Aries or in 1st House: Impatiens

This flower essence can help those persons who are too impatient and irritable in their lives. Their thought is as fast as their action, and they become intollerant toward those who do not move or think as rapidly as they do. That’s why sometimes they prefer to work alone, follow their own life rhytms without being hindered by others. Discipline and self-control seem to be missing in them, and when they get angry they become impulsive and aggressive. Naturally, this attitude of theirs makes of them very independent people, sometimes even in an exaggerating manner, and this is the reason why they most often are left alone.

The positive Impatiens character is the one of a capable, decisional and often brilliant person who may become a leader, by taking on his responsabilities without blaming others for their mistakes.

Moon in Taurus or in 2nd House: Rock Water

Although it is one of the 38 Flower Remedies, Rock Water is neither a flower nor a plant: it is the water of a natural source known for its healing qualities.

This remedy assists those persons who are rigid as far as their lifestyle is concerned, they firmly believe in high values and would never be willing to change them.  In order to follow what they believe in, they are willing to make enormous sacrifices. By doing so, they believe they can be an example to others, and therefore they are not interested in converting others to their own ideas. But sometimes this rigid attitude towards life may become destructive for themselves, and they may suffer from it.

The positive Rock Water character is more flexible and open about his own ideas, and does not always sacrifice everyday life’s small pleasures in order to follow his own principles. He learns how to compromise between his own life principles and the nice things that life offers him. He then discovers what is like to be free.

Moon in Gemini or in 3rd House: Heather

Communication is one of the main characteristics of Heather people, who do not like to be alone, and therefore make friends with anybody, without choosing the people to be with. They are self-centered, because they are concentrated on their own problems, which they are willing to discuss with everybody. The negative aspect of their character stands in what just said; and by wanting to speak only of their own problems, they don’t listen to others, who then try to avoid them. And this is the reason why they are left alone, and then suffer…

The positive side of the remedy makes these people more altruistic, also interested in other people’s problems, which they won’t consider less important than theirs. And therefore they might also be interested in volunteering, for instance, willing to help those who suffer, because they will at last be aware of their own sufferings.

Moon in Cancer or in 4th House: Clematis

This remedy is given to those people who love to dream their eyes wide open, therefore, they love to live in an unreal world. Little interested in their present situation, they are extremely creative, but also sensitive, and this is the reason why if they are to be confronted with difficult situations they tend to close themselves up. To sleep for them means to avoid fighting against the real world. Their strong sensitivity allows them to catch also the feelings of the people whom they come across, and this is a quality they could use to their own advantage, if only they could concentrate on their own feelings.

The positive side of the remedy stands in the ability to concentrate on the “here and now”, by rejecting a life project centered in a future that is often unreal and confused. Moreover, this remedy helps to put their strong creativity – which sometimes is not used by them – into practice, and therefore gives awareness of the possibility of making their dreams come true.

Moon in Leo or in 5th House: Vervain

Vervain’s enthusiasm can become eccessive. They want to persuade everyone of the rightfulness of their ideals, and they are endowed with great courage against life adversities and willingness to do things. They love to direct others, and for this reason sometimes they lack humility, although they are sincere people and are unaware of it.

Vervain is the remedy that teaches how to keep our enthusiasm under control and makes us understand that not everyone has to think in the same way as we do, without making us lose our self-esteem or some of our prestige. This remedy teaches also to accept advice from others who are wiser than us, because it gives awareness of one’s limits.

Moon in Virgo or in 6th House: Crab Apple

Crab Apple is a remedy for hypochondriacs, that is for those who are obsessed by diseases, continuously wash their hands for fear of getting some bacteria, and therefore they are also obsessed by all that is dirty, impure. This attitude of theirs affects their character. They are so precise, attentive, and tend to be perfect. They always want to check that all is in order, and sometimes they are even disgusted when they look at themselves in the mirror: perhaps because of those pimples, stains, or they see themselves too fat…

Crab Apple is a “cleansing” remedy, both for mind and body. Moreover, among others, it is efficacious if used locally on adolescents’ pimples, because it is capable of taking all skin’s impurity away, and it is given to people who suffer of weight problems.

The positive side of the remedy used orally is the one of finding a balance in those people that are obsessed by cleaning, precision, and all the different daily “manias”. And because of its cleansing action on the organism, this remedy is very effective in case of constipation.

Moon in Libra or in 7th House: Centaury

Centaury people are good-hearted and need to depend on others. But these characteristics, unfortunately, may sometimes turn them into “servants”. They are calm, kind people, but excessively anxious to please others, to be useful to others, and therefore they find it difficult to say “no”. Often enough, those they want to help take advantage of them. In this way, they tend to use too many energies and become exhausted, forgetting about their personal life project.

The positive Centaury person knows how to choose the people they have to help. He does it in a calm, discreet, efficient manner, by taking part in the life of others without ever forgetting about his personal life path, and for this he is respected by his entourage who consider him a wise person.

Moon in Scorpio or in 8th House: Chicory

Who needs this remedy has a possessive character, trying to keep tied to him those people he loves. He tries to control and direct the life of others by also criticising them. He looks after other people’s understanding for his own personal benefit, by pointing out at their sense of duty. When others oppose to his own wishes and projects, he is ready to make the martyr, going as far as feeling sick in order to draw them near him. The Chicory person looks ready to take care of the wellness and happiness of others, but actually he only acts from a selfish point of view. Behind this way of acting there is a great need to be understood deep inside.

This remedy helps to change possessive love into altruism, making the person more open to respect the freedom of the people dear to them, without feeling misunderstood.

Moon in Sagittarius or in 9th House: Agrimony

Who needs this remedy hides his worries behind a joyful mask. The person loves calmness and people love to be in his company because he is always jovial, likes to joke, and he would do anything to avoid quarrelling. But the real reason why Agrimony people always wish to be in the company of others is because they want to forget their own problems, even though by nature they are very independent people. Their sense of humour hides their anxieties, also those linked to diseases, because they are afraid to lose their possibility to enjoy life. Sometimes, they might take drugs or alcohol in order to distract themselves from their own worries.

Instead, a constructive Agrimony person is a true optimistic one. He is a happy person who is capable of laughing also during  unlucky times. Open hearted and freedom loving, his enthusiasm will come spontaneously. And he will also be able to teach others how to be optimistic in life!

Moon in Capricorn or in 10th House: Oak

This remedy is given to those people who fight hard in life both for their own occupations and for illness. They never lose hope and faith, and carry on without caring about obstacles that they might find along their way. They are courageous persons, who fight against great difficulties without giving in, but instead they would always be willing to healp others, if needed. But, by doing so, they may drain themselves of their energies, and therefore fall ill.

Positive Oak people know how to dose their energies, and stop when they are about to lose strength. The remedy enables to see life from a less material point of view, and therefore life will not be only a bunch of duties to carry out, but also a secure place where to stop sometimes in order to ponder.

Moon in Aquarius or in 11th House: Water Violet

Water Violet people are not only independent, proud, capable people, but they are also calm, speak kindly, although not much. They look aloof, perhaps because of their intelligence… they give the impression that they want to be left alone, also because they follow their own path, do not disturb anyone and move around almost without making any noise. Their individuality make them not be influenced by others’ opinions, although they have their group of chosen friends. But often, because of their being so proud and detached, they are lonely people, and sometimes they suffer because of this.

The positive Water Violet people give peace and tranquillity to their entourage, without looking aloof. By working on their altruism and talents, they will be of great help in all activities, also those having a philanthropic and humanitarian character.

Moon in Pisces or in 12th House: Aspen

This remedy is helpful to those who, being extremely sensitive, often find themselves fearing something they cannot give a name to, fears that cannot be comprehended, or they feel something is about to happen, but not even they know why and what… As they are very sensitive people, they are even afraid of telling others what they feel, and their fears follow them day and night.

Aspen gives peace of mind to those who need it, so that their extreme sensitivity and empathy could be directed toward more constructive objectives, and be for the service of all.


It is easily understood that prescribing the Bach remedies is not as simple as this, in the sense that emotional balance cannot be re-established only by considering the position of one’s Moon in the horoscopic sign and house…… Just as one cannot  know one’s character, one’s weaknesses and strengths, only by knowing the horoscopic sign and house of one’s natal Moon.

Moreover, in this article I wanted to simplify, by giving  only one remedy to each horoscopic sign and house, whereas the peculiarities of  one’s natal Moon sometimes need more than one remedy. For instance, Crab Apple is the main remedy for a Moon in Virgo or in 6th house, but one who’s natal Moon is in Virgo might also benefit from taking also the Beech remedy – which is the remedy for those who criticise a lot. Or Beech could well be the remedy to be added to a Libra Moon individual, because this is also the remedy for those who would like to see only beauty and goodness around them while criticising all that they see going against their principles.

The fact is that human personality is extremely complex, therefore many are the factors to be considered. Moreover, as each of us is unique, it is never possible to generalize, and one has to be careful not to give any judgement in haste.

The above is true of astrology, as of the Bach remedies or psychology…. and of all those sciences that investigate on human beings, made of body, mind and spirit.

Truth and Nature (Chapter 33) by Lao Tsu (approx. B.C. 221)

He who knows others is intelligent but he who knows himself is wise.

He who conquers others (by strength) is powerful but he who conquers himself (his own weaknesses) is strong.

He who feels contented is rich but he who achieves his own goals is strong-willed.

He who lives by his own good nature enjoys long life but he who follows “Truth” throughout life enjoys immortality.

Natural Remedies for the Summer Season

Summer is coming, the most welcomed among seasons because associated with holidays, entertainments, days that give us the possibility to stay out in the open air for a longer period of time and enjoy the beauties of Nature, whose growth is now  at its utmost.

As a matter of fact, summer is the season of growth, in which we too feel the need to improve – both in body and spirit – by re-establishing our contact with Nature. How? As to our body, 45 minutes bicycling, a brisk walk, or swimming, could strengthen our heart and bones, helping us to de-stress. Moreover, our complexion and articulations will benefit from vitamins and mineral salts contained in a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that we find in the summer season, which will also strengthen our immune system.

Our spirit will be nourished by the practice of gardening, reading, meditation, open air relaxation (both on the lawn and on the sand) as well as our mind by attending a course or  joining a group.

Anyways, we should take advantage of this period of regeneration by reminding to slow down and take care of ourselves, in order not to fall prey of  this season’s typical ailments.

But let’s look in detail at some of these ailments, how to avoid them or how to assist our body  by using natural healing methods, both if we are on holiday or if we stay in town:

  • Prevent sunburns by protecting the skin with a special cream and by avoiding to sunbathe during the warmest hours of the day, that is from11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. If you find yourselves in the open air during those hours, wear light dresses and colours (white is the best), and protect your head and eyes wearing a hat and sun-glasses.
  • Should you burn yourself in the sun, add 10 drops of Sandalwood, Rose and Lavender essential oils to the cool bath tub water and plunge into the water for 20 minutes. After delicately drying your skin, protect it with a thin layer of refreshing oil, like Wheat Germ oil. To reduce the pain and the chaps apply Aloe Vera gel locally or imbue a gauze with 1-2 drops of Tea Tree oil and tampon on the lesion.
  • To prevent dehydration, drink water with lemon juice. It is however always a good custom to carry a small bottle of water to sip during the day, as in the summer season we may dehydrate without even becoming aware of it, until we feel thirsty! In ancient Egypt, China and the Far East they used to offer water melon juice and seeds to the thirsty travellers. Actually this fruit is one of the best remedies against dehydration and the symptoms of summer heat – that is thirst without wishing to drink, headaches, nausea, little appetite, feeling heavy in one’s body, poor motivation, slow digestion, higher body temperature, sweating. Water melon is refreshing and cleans the system, relieves from feeling the heat and it is a natural diuretic.
  • Nourish and protect your skin against ageing due to exposure to sun rays by eating food rich in anti-oxidants, which “absorb” the ultraviolet rays-forming free radicals. Some anti-oxidants like beta-carotene protect the skin and are found in yellow and red colour fruits and vegetables, as for instance carrots, oranges, peppers and turnips. On the other hand, folic acid protects skin’s DNA against damage, by preventing skin cancer. Folic acid is found in some vegetables, like spinach, broccoli and cabbage. Moreover, it is advisable to eat at least 5 different colours of fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Rashes and dry skin damaged by the sun can be prevented with a regime rich in essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3, which are naturally contained in our skin (together with Omega 6). Omega 3 are found in greater quantity in mackerel, in nuts and seeds and in the meat of pastured animals.
  • For all skin problems, consider the Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple: put 3-4 drops in half  a glass of water and tampon the area to be treated with a pad imbued with this solution. Otherwise, apply Rescue Cream, which contains 6 Bach Flower Remedies and is especially good for dry or damaged skin.
  • In order to keep insects – especially mosquitoes – far from the place where you live, consider Citronella essential oil, which is contained also in some candels.
  • Against insects’ bites, it would be a good custom to carry Calendula cream to apply locally, which is refreshing and calming. Instead, Lavender and Tea Tree oil are essential oils efficacious against itching and swelling. As these oils can be directly applied on the skin, the easiest way is to tampon the part to be treated with a gauze or a pad imbued with 1-2 drops of one of these oils. In case of many bites, add 10 drops of Lavender or Tea Tree oil in the bath tub water and plunge in the water for 15 minutes.
  • Take care of your eyes and, when you can, close your eyes and apply a pad imbued with Rose Water on your eye-lids for 10 minutes.
  • In case of indigestion or constipation, add 2 drops of the Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple in a glass of water and sip during the day. Crab Apple is a remedy that cleans the internal organs from toxins.
  • Relax, by pouring Rose Water in the bath tub water. Rose has a refreshing effect, and since centuries has been used to calm emotions, stress, frustrations, and to nourish love feelings.
  • In the evening, acquire new strength by walking under the moonlight.