About Guidance and Wisdom

Many times I felt like there was no road in front of me and I was blocked, without knowing what to do and how to proceed.

But all of a sudden, without expecting it, I felt like a Light had come to show me a road that was not there before….. although in that moment it seemed to me like that road had always been there, only my eyes were shut and could not see it….

kumbha mela

I finally opened my eyes, and could see that all was in place… I could hear words of Wisdom saying: “Don’t be afraid”……

Yes, many times I have experienced a little voice within (my intuition?) whispering to me answers to my questions, but I have never thought it was belonging to me, rather that it was coming from other realms…..

I have never been truly aware of how I listen for Guidance…. all I know is that right in the moment in which I feel confused and without an answer – sometimes at night, or even in the morning while I do yoga – I immediately have the feeling I know what I have to do….. and I understand that I have to follow my “intuition”.

When I feel there is peace all around me and within me, only in this condition I can really trust all my intuitions. By quieting my mind and avoiding stress, I surely skip all the anxious process of looking for the answer. If I need an answer, I can only find it in my peace of mind.

It feels good to be aware that one can express Wisdom into the world, by opening up to one’s own Guidance.





A small thought on…. Meditation and Awareness

Meditation can help us come into touch with some of our inborn enlightened qualities like Unconditional Love, Faith, Strength to endure hardships, Peace of Mind and Forgiveness….

When we get to have – through meditation – a glimpse of our True Being, we feel a deep Peace of Mind. We become more aware of the twittering birds around us, as well as of the smell of the flowers that we cannot see because they are not near us…. all our senses seem to be awakened, and the Nature around us speaks a language we are able to understand – and yet we have never learned… a language of true Happiness, of Gratitude for the blessings all around us, a language of True Love.

Unfortunately, many times life brings us apart from our natural unity with the Universal Consciousness. Trying to always be present in the moment and remembering that we are not alone, is a way to tap into this Universal Awareness. How lovely it is to go walking in the park… seeing the green and listening to the twittering birds… or how lovely it is to walk along the seashore, only listening to the sound of Nature…. Let us be grateful for the Beauty of Nature that surrounds us: the plants, the animals, the flowers….

Peace of Mind, Joy and Feeling satisfied of what we have all give us a glimpse of Enlightenment or Fulfillment in life. Everyday life makes us forget who we truly are. Always remember that we are also Light and Pure Awareness. We need to experience this joy and peace through our True Selves, just like we need to breathe….. Being the Light we are is all that matters, because this is our unique Self.