Integrating Counselling with Bach’s Remedies – PART I

Both Counselling and the Bach System have the same common objective of solving the client’s stress by the awareness of the causes that have produced it. Evidence is that self-healing is slow, and that a boost in the client’s immunity system comes spontaneously.

The methods used in Counselling and in the Bach System differ in that the former consists in a series of interviews with the client, whereas the latter consists in a first in-depth interview aiming at prescribing the Flower Remedies which are found most appropriate for the emotional states that the client is living at the moment of the interview, and another follow-up.

Therefore, in comparing a Counsellor to a Bach Flower Practitioner, the latter has one further tool, and during the courses at the Edward Bach Foundation modern Counselling techniques (from Carl Rogers’ Client-Centered Therapy to Eric Berne’s transational analysis and Stephen Karpman’s dramatic triangle) are all studied as part of the system’s knowledge.

Through my personal experience, during consultations with my clients, I had the chance to verify the efficaciousness of integrating modern Counseling with the Bach Remedies, and I wish this method could be used by those who are interested in true and effective consultations.



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